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"We wanted out daughter to have the foundation in Christ that we never had and so far, it has made a world of difference in out little family. Our daughter challenged herself in her studies when she was in the first grade and she finished her school work before the year was over. She struggled a little at first with some of her PACE work, but her teachers were amazing and helped her every step of the way. From the very beginning her teacher told me not to worry; it would click for her. Before you know it, she was learning to read and was getting better at memorizing her monthly Scripture. One of the things she and I did while at home was study her Scripture verses together so not only would it help her, but it would also help me get more into my Word also.  

My daughter is growing up to be a respectful, intelligent young lady and I just can't thank everyone at CCA for blessing her with not only knowledge, but love and kindness as well."

                                    - Abigail Felchner

" Our twins started attending CCA last fall. Before that, we homeschooled for 7 years. It was not an easy decision for us to decide to enroll them into CCA. We were used to being hands-on with their schooling, and because they both had learning disabilities, we were able to accommodate them. Nichole was able to answer all of our questions and put our worries to rest. She allows us to still play a part in their schooling, she even encourages it. 

Our twins are thriving at CCA. They are growing in their walk with God and they are learning to be more independent. The teachers at CCA are the best of the best. They love their jobs, and more importantly they love the   kids and want the very best for them. They are constantly pointing them to Christ and encouraging them to be better and do better. It is a blessing to have a school like CCA in our area and we look forward to seeing God work in the lives of the students."

                      - Lamont and Jenna Sosebee

" We have now been enrolled at Carbon Christian Academy for three years. And have loved every second of it. No nightly homework, unless he doesn't finish his work during the day. A wonderful environment, that I know he is being filled with Christ every single day. We are also wonderfully pleased, with the families that we know our children are surrounded with on a daily basis. There's no concern of them learning inappropriate information for their age on the playground. Or coming home, asking us questions about things they have learned from other students. I know that when he walks into the doors of Carbon Christian Academy, he is surrounded by people who love Christ first and pour Him into their students every single day. I thank the Lord, that we have a facility like this in Eastland County. Unlike many parents who fear for their children's futures today, I can confidently say my child is being lead by God fearing men and women, and will be a pillar and a light wherever my son is led. I owe this confidence to Carbon Christian Academy."

                                    - Brittney Segura

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