CCA Admissions

Admission Process

Parents wishing to enroll must complete the steps in the admission process.


Step 1: Pray: The decision to attend Carbon Christian Academy or another educational institution should be bathed in prayer. We want the families and kids to feel that the Lord is leading them to partner with Carbon Christian Academy, prayer is essential to that end.


Step 2: Application: Parents will receive a New Family Application with a Pastor referral letter. Family’s will need to fill out the application and have their pastor fill out this form before being interviewed. 


Step 3: Family Interview: evidencing a commitment to Jesus Christ and Christian Education. The prospective family meets with representatives for discussion of the school model. Parents and students applying are required to be in attendance, but the whole family is welcome to attend. After the Family Interview representatives will give the prospective family a tour of the academy. 


Step 4:  Registration and Enrollment: Once notified of acceptance, families will receive a phone call.. Included in the process is a contract agreement regarding financial terms and an agreement for the necessary payment for admissions, and a subsequent tuition payment plan. The following items are needed for completion of the admissions application and will need to be uploaded or brought to the office for assistance. 


Step 5: Testing: Each student Kindergarten through 12th grade takes a diagnostic test to assess their current levels of mastery. After testing is complete, parents will meet with administration to discuss how they did on the test. 


Download this form and fill out the New Family Application.


Bring or send your form to the following address:


Call our office at 254-639-2560 to set up a family interview with our administrative staff. 

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving payment and all documentation.