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Carbon Christian Academy uses the Accelerated Christian Education Program. This is not only a program that provides curriculum, but provides opportunities to serve, student conventions, and professional training for our staff. 
Carbon Christian Academy uses the curriculum provided by A.C.E., which is individualized and not chronologically graded. It is designed to allow each student to work on his or her own level of achievement, which may vary from subject to subject. 
Each core subject consists of 12 PACEs (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education) per level. Typical students work daily on one PACE in each subject and may be performing at varying levels. The diagnostic test results help to identify academic weaknesses and prescribe a path to help students catch up. Most students complete at least 70 PACEs per year, while maintaining academic balance by completing about the same number of PACEs in each assigned subject.
In addition to core subjects, such as Math, English, and Bible, ACE has many elective subjects to choose from as well.  High school students will have opportunity to complete a number of electives for a well-rounded education.
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